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Jaya is the maker behind Apoorva Designs, named in memory of her angel baby girl. Apoorva in Sanskrit means "unique", "one of a kind", or "never before". 

Jaya started designing a year after her twin girls were born. She loves knitting and designing accessories, especially shawls and cowls. She has more than 50 designs to her credit and her work has been published in many craft magazines, websites, and yarn companies. 

Her girls love winding yarn and her husband helps with design photography. When not working, you'll find her playing jigsaw puzzles with her girls or Scrabble with her husband.  

Jaya finds knitting meditative and believes knitting is a form of yoga.

She believes that we are all just one human race and strongly condemns any form of bias and discrimination, whether it's gender, colour, race, faith, or even region.


She also believes in working on her own physical and mental spaces, so she can be a better mother, a better human being. 

She's proud to be an Indian and she tries to infuse some Indian ethos, philosophy, and culture into her designs as well.

Her design philosophy: Create quick, simple, preferably seamless, yet elegant knits that are as fun to knit as they are comfortable to wear. 

You can read more about her at:

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